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The Top 10 Web Hosting Companies of 2015

There are a lot of web hosting companies out there. We want to make sure that you get the best web hosting
for your website, without paying too much. We will help you to find great affordable hosting providing you with;

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Web Hosting Top10 Christine

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Web Hosting Package



1 Bluehost 98% unlimited unlimited
  speed: bar5.gif (105 bytes)
  uptime: bar5.gif (105 bytes)
  Free: SQL, PHP, CGI, Wordpress,
  domain, setup, email, Joomla ...
  # fast, reliable, plenty of features
$3.49 vistit Bluehost
review Bluehost
2 JustHost 97% unlimited unlimited
  speed: bar
  uptime: bar5.gif (105 bytes)
  Free: SQL, PHP, CGI, Wordpress,
  domain, setup, email, Joomla ...
  # high quality host, best support


visit Justhost
review Justhost
3 iPage 90% unlimited unlimited
  speed: bar.gif (127 bytes)
  uptime: uptime
  Free: SQL, PHP, CGI, Wordpress,
  domain, setup, email, Joomla ...
  # cheap, top quality hosting


visit iPage
review iPage
4 Web Hosting Hub 88% unlimited unlimited
  speed: bar
  uptime: bar
  Free: SQL, PHP, CGI, Wordpress,
  domain, setup, email, Joomla ...
  # average webhost


visit Web Hosting Hub
review Web Hosting Hub
5 Inmotion 86% unlimited unlimited
  speed: bar
  uptime: bar
  Free: SQL, PHP, CGI, Wordpress,
  domain, setup, email, Joomla ...
  # expensive business hosting


visit Inmotion
review Inmotion
6 A2Hosting Logo 83% unlimited unlimited
  speed: speed
  uptime: uptime
  Free: SQL, PHP, CGI, Wordpress,
  setup, email, Joomla ...
  # great host, free backups


visit A2 Hosting
review A2 Hosting
7 Globat 82% unlimited unlimited
  speed: bar
  uptime: bar
  Free: SQL, PHP, CGI, Wordpress,
  domain, setup, email, Joomla ...
  # solid hosting for a long time
$4.44 visit Globat
review Globat
8 Hostmonster 80% unlimited unlimited
  speed: speed bar
  uptime: uptime bar
  Free: SQL, PHP, CGI, Wordpress,
  domain, setup, email, Joomla ...
  # affordable hosting deal


visit Hostmonster
review Hostmonster
9 IX Web Hosting 75% unlimited unlimited
  speed: bar
  uptime: bar
  Free: SQL, PHP, CGI, Wordpress,
  domain, setup, email, Joomla ...
  # decent and cheap webhost
$3.95 visit IXhosting
review IXhosting
10 WebHostingPad 71% unlimited unlimited
  speed: bar
  uptime: bar
  Free: SQL, PHP, CGI, Wordpress,
  domain, setup, email, Joomla ...
  # good blog web hosting
$4.45 visit WebHostingPad
review WebHostingPad

* Last Update: April 2015


Why Webhosting-Top10.com is still the Best Choice to help you pick an affordable web host.
We have been reviewing web hosts for over 8 years and we try out every host before adding them to our list to ensure the quality for you. Our researched charts, informative articles, in depth reviews give you the info you need to find the host that meets your exact needs. We found the best hosting companies by researching forums, directories, blogs then putting them though our review process before putting them on our website for you to see. Our goal is to make sure that you will find the best fitting web host and that you get it for the lowest price that we can find online at this very moment.
Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives sometimes compensation from companies whose products we review. We test each web hosting company thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are 100% our own.

What is the best Web Host for you?

We recommend using web hosting packages that include a cPanel control panel, which is the mostly used and supported worldwide.
Bluehost and Justhost have included cPanel in their web hosting plans. They offer a great web hosting deal for most webmasters.

If you are looking for a reliable VPS we suggest you have a look at Justhost.
At Singlehop you will find a great dedicated server without paying too much.


How to Choose a Web Host
Are you considering choosing a new web host for your existing website or are you venturing into your first web project ever? In either case, there are some important points to keep in mind. The best way to organize them is by way of checklist. This way, you can check off each point as you confirm it. It may sound like an unnecessary approach, but such over-preparation can prevent disputes with your future web hosting provider and save you a lot of time and money.
read more
Why Do I Need Web Hosting?
The only type of ad more prevalent today than increase-your-manhood SPAM is that of web hosting solutions.  Undoubtedly, you have heard of the web hosting option and may have actually considered signing up with a web hosting company.  Are there any strong advantages to doing so?  First understand the basic difference between web hosting and simply uploading a website.
Every company or individual trying to make money should have a website. 
read more
Choosing the Right Domain Name
How important is a web domain name when it comes to success in business? It is said that there are
over 20 million domain names
currently registered online. Therefore,
it can be a challenge to come up with a simple yet original name that hasn’t already been taken. The name you choose will be directly related to how successful you are in e-commerce. Remember that in general the most simple domain names are best to use in marketing.
read more
Web Hosting Bandwidth Explained
Are you looking to start your own website but are confused over the issue of web hosting bandwidth? Fear not, you don’t need the mind of Al Gore to understand the Internet. Let’s break down what bandwidth means and how much you really need. Bandwidth refers to the amount of traffic between your website and the rest of the Internet that your provider allows. Obviously, if things were so simple there would be no restrictions on bandwidth.
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Is Cheap Web Hosting Actually Cheaper?
Have you ever heard the expression “you get what you pay for?” Why no, you were raised by wolves and have only recently come to learn the greatest cliches of human civilization! Nevertheless, the philosophy behind that old cliche is still valid: if you buy cheap you will get cheap. If you accept something for free, you can’t really complain. The same is true when it comes to cheap web hosting. Your first thought is probably something along the lines of “why pay for web hosting when so many companies are giving away services for free?” You cannot totally discount the idea of free webhosting. For some individuals, and even some small companies, a simple web hosting package may be suitable. Because these companies have no money to invest in superior web hosting services, they are content with free or cheap hosting. Then again, some of the best features of pay web hosting are not that important to them. read more

The Importance of Having a Reliable Web Hosting
Just how important is it to have “reliable” web hosting? Every web service claims to be reliable, but some stress the promise more than others. Usually only pay services claim to have high uptimes, up to 99% total availability. You may be wondering whether it’s worth investing in higher caliber web hosting services for this supposed “reliability” or if the cheaper websites will perform just as well. First consider why it is important that your web hosting service be reliable.
Capturing the interest of your customer is paramount and may mean the difference between a loss and a sale. The failure to provide a reliable website that is easy to access throughout the day and night could whether a potential customer keeps returning to your site or never thinks of your name again. The mindset of the average customer is impulsive and demanding. He wants business right now and if you’re not there to completely accommodate him, he will find another merchant to do business with. Money is the motivation here and if you cannot sustain the interest of your visitors, you are well on your way to losing money.
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Why Would I Need a Windows Host?
About now you are probably considering what kind of web hosting company you should work with. You may have already familiarized yourself with popular web hosting features as well as tips on how to go about transferring your website to another web hosting company. Now it’s time to consider what type of host you should use. The answer to this question can be found by exploring the individual features you hope to utilize for your website. Do you want your own dedicated server or would you be willing to share a server with others? Will you have a database running? (Databases are required for special applications like guest books or other forms, shopping carts and discussion forums. You also have to consider if you have the right to program and install your own applications or if your provider has pre-installed applications and scripts that they use. Some webmasters have difficulty working with provided applications and programs, as they may be limited in some respects. read more

Recent Addition to our Web Hosting Knowledge Base : 

pressing-modern.jpg (20249 bytes)

How to Plan the Navigation of a Website

If you do your share of research, you will realize that the flow of a website plays a major role in garnering traffic. The simpler and easier the navigation system, the more visitors you will draw in. In other words, the navigation of your website is one of the most important factors that determine the traffic on your website. Again, when people look for certain material online, they tend to look for related items on the same page. So if you can display all the visitors needs in a concise manner, it is going to improve your websites performance as well.

If you are considering navigation of your website, it is best that you carry it out during the initial planning phase of the website.

Once you know the niche your website falls into and the number of pages it will carry, this information will go a long way in planning out the navigation of the pages. The ultimate goal of website navigation planning is to give the visitor all the information he/she has logged in for. Once you have this information in place, only then can you actually start working on the navigation of your website. The following tips should be kept in mind when planning the navigation for your website.

Web Hosting Shortlists

If you want to find a suitable web hosting company really fast, we suggest you have a look at the 9 shortlists we have made for your convenience; 

Best Web Hosting Overall
BlueHost, Hostmonster, iPage
Best Linux Web Hosting
BlueHost, JustHost, Hostmonster
Best Blog Web Hosting
Hostmonster, BlueHost, FastDomain
Best Cheap Web Hosting
BlueHost, Hostmonster, HostHTTP
Best PHP Web Hosting
BlueHost, JustHost, Hostmonster
Best Email Web Hosting
HostGator, BlueHost, Hostmonster
Best Joomla Web Hosting
BlueHost, Hostmonster, JustHost
Best Business Web Hosting
JustHost, BlueHost, Hostmonster
Best Green Web Hosting
Justhost, BlueHost, iPage
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